5 Top Tips for Picking Your Perfect Wedding Jewelry

5 Top Tips for Picking Your Perfect Wedding Jewelry
    We all know that small details are an essential part of the bigger picture, but when it comes to choosing bridal jewelry things can get a bit confusing! Presented with endless options, designs and novelties, today’s brides-to-be find that picking the perfect wedding jewelry is a task no less important than finding the right venue or the best flower arrangements. While browsing through glamorous jewels and dainty sparklers is an exciting experience, it’s also a hectic one; we’ve rounded up this guide to help you choose the right bridal jewelry to match your style, budget and give you joy to last a lifetime – just like your upcoming marriage.
    Wondering how to choose wedding jewelry efficiently or how picking wedding jewelry can best complement your total look? Scroll down for our 5 go-to tips!
    Match the Dress
    The first thing you must do is make sure you’re choosing bridal jewelry to match your dress and overall wedding style. A classic dress and formal event will be best complemented by classic pieces like solitaire diamond earrings or a gentle pendant, while a flowy bohemian-style dress will probably need jewelry that’s a bit different in design and maybe even has a splash of color. Our suggestion? buy your dress first so that you can already form the idea of the perfect wedding jewelry you’d want to wear with it!
    Be True to Yourself
    Choosing wedding jewelry is successful when you know what you want and you go with your heart; don’t try to copy a trend or follow someone else’s style – this is YOUR time to shine and showcase your taste and personality through your jewels. Take the time to think about what you want and prioritize what is most important to you; don’t rush to decide – you want these pieces to last and serve you for many years to come, long after your wedding day. Which leads us to our next tip…
    Don’t Do It Last-minute
    Wedding-planning is a long affair, with many brides spending an average of a year just organizing! Leave yourself plenty of time to choose your perfect wedding jewelry and enjoy a stress-free countdown to the big day. This way, you can decide on your budget, imagine your designs and take the time to work closely with your chosen jeweler to pick your diamonds and bring your unique ideas to life.
    Stand the Test of Time
    When you choose wedding jewelry you want something for more than one day. While browsing, find those pieces or design something that you know you will love wearing later; this way you’re investing in years of enjoyment and compliments while getting your money’s worth. Focus on timeless designs to match your style, remember to feel comfortable with them, and make sure they speak the same “language” - whether using similar lines, colored stones or interchangeable details.
    Work with the Right Jeweler
    Finally, find a jeweler who is a master at their craft and can easily guide you on your journey to the perfect bridal jewelry. While there are many options out there, reputable and experienced jewelers aren’t necessarily big brand names, but ones who will give you a bespoke service bringing a concept and design to life, while also providing tips and suggestions on how to best spend your money.
    Now that you have your wedding jewelry checklist on hand, let’s get planning! We can help you find or design your dream pieces at true-to-market prices without ever compromising on quality and excellence. Contact us today so we can walk you through all the steps leading to your special day.

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