Top 5 Winter Trends For Bridal Jewelry

Top 5 Winter Trends For Bridal Jewelry

    Our favorite jewelry is often a deeply personal matter, whether it be a family heirloom or a gift to mark a special occasion; so, it's only natural that when it comes down to choosing jewelry for our wedding day, we want to absolutely nail it.

    Aside from the perfect hair, dress and heels, the jewelry is what really ties it all together to complete the bridal look. If you’re a bride (or groom!) gearing up for your winter wedding and still searching for that magical piece of bridal jewelry, this next post is for you.

    1. Traditional Yellow Gold Jewelry

    A cherished classic, yellow gold jewelry is a popular choice. This traditional staple is the bread and butter of bridal jewelry, but also very versatile – you can wear it time and time again, long after your wedding day. So, if you're someone who loves timeless pieces, such as delicate rings and necklaces, our modern diamond jewelry is for you. The Bezel Set Diamond Choker, for instance, is sure to amp up any classic gown and sleek updo.



    Bezel Set Diamond Choker

    2. Nature-inspired Jewelry

    Romantic, earthy, rustic; the next best thing to being in nature is wearing something that reminds you of it. In this case, jewelry that takes inspiration from organic shapes and earthy textures, such as leaves, flowers, or branches, adds the perfect touch to your entire bridal attire. This unique necklace, with its various shapes and natural elements, would be a magnificent addition to an ethereal look of a flowy dress and natural hair.



    Vintage Diamond Necklace

    3. Fancy Color Fine Jewelry

    While not traditionally used for bridal jewelry, the unexpected pop of color you get from fancy color diamonds is now an easy and fun way for the bride to let her personality shine through. Incorporating pink, blue, or yellow-green diamonds is the perfect idea to turn bridal jewelry into something a bit more interesting, unique and regal. For brides looking for a dark, rich and edgy look, black diamonds can definitely work and stand out in contrast with a white dress.



    Radiant Cut Yellow and White Removable Jacket Studs

    4. Mix & Match Styles

    Mixing metals and jewelry with different textures can feel daunting, especially when it was looked at as a fashion faux pax for so long. However, the trend of mixing up your gold and silver jewelry is now a great way to create a look that's unique and super stylish. So, forget the old-school rules and curate your very own jewelry edit for your special day. Mix and match your bridal jewelry with confidence with our edit of silver and gold jewelry.


    The Cyan Sunset

    5. Statement Jewelry  

    Replace your dainty and delicate bridal staples with statement diamond earrings, a bold necklace, or even a stack of bracelets for an arm party. This trend is perfect for brides who love attention-grabbing jewelry and want to move away from the traditional look on their wedding day. Statement necklaces and earrings have been a huge trend in fashion for a while now, and now more and more brides are adding eye-catching jewelry to their wedding day total look.


    Diamond & Pearl Statement Pendant


    Looking for bridal jewelry that will go hand-in-hand with your wedding dress and unique style? Explore our collections for more fine jewelry that will make you feel like a princess on your big day and beyond.