Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – Your Perfect Present

Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – Your Perfect Present

    Nothing announces the holiday season quite like garlands and firs, over the top holiday decorations in every corner, or glimmering ornaments and twinkling lights wherever you look. In these festive times, when we’re all looking for the best present to give to the special people in our lives, jewelry is a perfect match; a pair of timeless gold dainty earrings or a pavé diamond ring will definitely win over someone’s heart. There’s just something about jewelry that tugs on our heartstrings and makes our eyes light up in delight! 

    No matter who you want to make happy, look no further than our 2020 jewelry gift guide.

    For lovers of classic and timeless fine jewelry

    At M&B, we have eye-catching pieces for every woman and every taste; after all, who doesn’t want to shine bright like a diamond? For those who prefer a classic, our Classic Diamond Band and Eternal 4 Prongs Diamond Earrings are anything but understated. Designed to be your everyday staples, pieces from M&B’s Fine Essentials Collection are simple yet lasting, and perfect for day and night.


    Classic Diamond Band, Eternal 4 Prongs Diamond Earrings

    For the life of the party who loves diamonds

    Shopping for a social butterfly who also happens to love attention-grabbing fine jewelry? For those who love to stand out in all the right ways, our XCross Diamond Earrings and Star Glitter Diamond Earrings are sure to make your lucky giftee the center of attention at any holiday gathering. If you’re looking for something else, our Moonlight Diamond Ring, with its whimsical fluid design, is sure to impress those who want something more unique.


    XCross Diamond Earrings, Star Glitter Diamond Earrings, Moonlight Diamond Ring

    For the woman who prefers understated yet modern diamond jewelry

    Looking for an understated gift for someone who wants the bling but with a sleek touch? Our Shapes of Sparkle collection is exactly what you need. Dainty, elegant, and eye-catching, the Two Pear Shapes Diamond Necklace or the Brilliant Round Diamond Bracelet are perfect on their own or when layered with other pieces to create a more updated and dimensional look. Whatever you choose, it will definitely put you on the next holiday’s nice list (and the ones beyond).  


     Two Pear Shapes Diamond Necklace, Brilliant Round Diamond Bracelet

    These are just some examples of the beautiful gifts you can get your hands on this year – the options are endless!

    Looking for other dainty and eye-catching diamond necklaces and rings in Hong Kong? Explore our collections for more fine jewelry that is perfect for the holidays and beyond.