Who We Are

M&B Group has been a prominent player in the global diamond industry for over 30 years, engaging in diverse operations ranging from mining and sourcing to diamond cutting, polishing, and jewelry making. In 2017, we established M&B Private Jewelers, providing an exclusive retail boutique experience with shops in Singapore and Hong Kong, and a plan to expand within the APAC region. In 2021, recognizing the growing demand for lab-grown diamonds, we formed our partnership with Diamond Foundry and founded Lab Grown Diamonds Centre in Hong Kong.

Multiple Businesses, One Belief: The M&B DNA
While many companies say they put their customer first, putting emphasis on quality, service, variety and competitive pricing, we genuinely place you at the center of everything we do. Whether you seek fashion jewelry, intricate custom designs, $5 million diamonds or a lab grown engagement ring - we have one consistent approach at the core of all our businesses.

Our mission is to polish and source diamonds in a wide variety and of the highest possible quality; natural diamonds that retain their value and remain high in demand and lab-grown diamonds in exquisite cuts and makes - ensuring you a smarter purchase. We simplify each purchase, while imposing stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing top-notch diamonds or jewelry to perfectly match your needs and budget. 

Luxury For All
When you browse our website you won’t be lost in a sea of choices, carat weights, color grades and other specs that would overwhelm almost anyone. Instead, we provide focused information that genuinely helps you make an expert choice. Within each category, whether shape or budget, you will discover a variety of options, all of highest quality and parameters, empowering you to narrow down your search to what truly suits you.

Please note that our website showcases only a fraction of our extensive inventory. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, your wish is our command! We’d be more than happy to source or manufacture anything you want. Our in-house design team creates all our designs, and each piece of jewelry undergoes meticulous production in our workshop, adhering to strict quality control standards.

M&B x Diamond Foundry 
You may already be familiar with lab-grown diamonds - a rapidly expanding market that’s here to stay. Recognizing this need, we established a dedicated business to cater to this fascinating market.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Centre stays true to the M&B style and our signature principles of uncompromising quality and accessible luxury.

Through our partnership with Diamond Foundry, one of the leading companies in the industry, we not only manufacture lab-grown diamonds but also have a chance to benefit from their ongoing research and development of advanced growing methods and technologies, ensuring the delivery of superior diamonds and an exceptional overall experience for you.

All our lab-grown jewelry is set in 18k white gold or platinum as a standard, and we offer a wide array of designs and customization options by combining lab-grown gems, providing you with limitless possibilities.