“Wholetail” - A New Experience

Many jewelers will offer quality, luxury and personalization, but unique jewelers will give you a truly singular experience. M&B Private Jewelers have made it their mission to offer the very best value and high-end jewelry by breaking the old-fashioned diamond supply chain. No intermediates, no overheads; yes superior diamonds, yes lifetime guarantee*: introducing “Wholetail”, an unprecedented concept coined by M&B.

Cutting out the middleman, using grassroots marketing and honoring true real-time market value means you receive top notch service and can take home a piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted at a wholesale price, without ever compromising on excellence. 

* Terms & Conditions Apply 

Finest Jewelry - Personalized

We understand the burden of acquiring the perfect piece and the long journey to perfection. Our luxury retail concept allows you to be intimately involved in the design process, and our in-house experts will work with you step-by-step to ensure the end result is the ideal one for you, capturing both your passion and ours. From selecting a stone to the intricate details of the most creative designs, we are here to share our expertise.

Our Story

With over three decades of experience, M&B Private Jewelers are a trusted name and remain highly regarded by both new and returning clients. Spread globally in key markets such as Antwerp, Hong Kong, New York and Tel Aviv, with luxury retail suites in both Hong Kong and Singapore, we are proud to be leading a break from traditional business models, eliminating intermediaries and providing the highest value, expertise and integrity to our clients.

From more humble beginnings as experts in rough trading, sourcing and manufacturing, to building a growing worldwide network of rough diamond sources, M&B has become an authority for rare and highly sought-after pieces prevalent amongst auction houses, royalty and high net-worth individuals.