High Jewelry

Our High Jewelry showcases the incredible skills of a proud tradition of artisans and experts that make M&B Private Jewelers masters of their craft here in Hong Kong. Each piece tells a story of refined elegance and is shaped to perfection on all fronts – capturing light, color and passion. Whether you choose from existing impeccable creations or custom-make one, you are set for an unforgettable experience.

High Jewelry

Create your own show-stopping piece

Our team of experts are waiting to walk you through the selection process and bring your creative vision to life. Find the perfect setting to complement your specially selected rare stones and let us create a treasure that is perfectly you.

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Our expertise and craftsmanship

We understand the pursuit of perfection is never easy; all ethically sourced, our rare & exceptional diamonds are the stars of the show. With complementing designs highlighting the incredible attention to detail and exquisite level of artistry we take pride in, our luxury jewelry promises to be a dream come true for those in Singapore, Hong Kong and across the globe looking for something truly special.

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High Jewelry - Rare & Exceptional Diamonds
High Jewelry - The Cyan Sunset

The Cyan Sunset

Capturing the sweetness and light of these matching stones, this piece of luxury jewelry is a true celebration of uncommon beauty. The versatile design means it can be worn three different ways and features a 0.67 carat Fancy Light Pink diamond matched with a 0.71 carat Light Blue diamond.

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The Maldives Star

Inspired by the celestial sunsets and crystal-clear waters of the Maldives comes this mesmerizing ring. Featuring an impressive 3carat Natural Blue radiant cut diamond and intensified by 14 brilliant round Argyle certified Pink diamonds, this piece of exquisite high jewelry truly brings the beauty of nature and the magic of the tropical island to life.

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High Jewelry - The Maldives Stars


Where do source your high jewelry diamonds?

Big portion of our diamonds are sourced from our very own Braúna mine in Brazil. This way, we can guarantee the highest quality diamonds and ensure they are sourced in an ethical manner.

What makes M&B different from other jewelers in Hong Kong?

M&B is committed to helping you make your dream piece. Every stage from the sourcing of the diamond to the finishing touches is done with the utmost care and passion. If you are working with us to design your own piece of luxury jewelry, we’ll do our best to ensure your creative vision is materialized exactly how you want it.

How do I know M&B’s high jewelry is priced fairly?

At M&B, we are looking to change the diamond industry by sourcing most of our diamonds from our own mine. By doing this, we can cut out the middleman and any overheads that make the diamond artificially more expensive than its true value.



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High Jewelry

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Radiant Cut Green Pink & White Diamond Ring (Fancy Green)
Radiant Cut Green Pink & White Diamond Ring (Fancy Green)
$170,000.00 USD